A script can be referred to as a story which utilizes picture to tell a lot, in both dialogue and description. It is a simple combination of how you plan the event happening (action description) and the actual events which are happening in the video (Dialogue/Voice over/Narration) as well as the other elements such as what sound effects do you hear while imagining the video, ex: rain, wind, etc. Describing the events of the video is very important. However there is a simple rule which you need to take note of if you want a very clear and understandable script. When describing the events of the video, you must be able to describe actions that can be displayed on the screen, not their causes. It should basically be about your imagination and what you hope people can learn from it.

Let us discuss the vital parts for writing video marketing scripts. The format of this script could be copied to your google drive account using this link as a complimentary gift to simplify the whole process. That’s quite amazing! If script writing and storytelling is something you need help with, Axe Pictures Video Production will help your business create an unforgettable story.