Film editing is part of post-production, or everything that goes on after the actual filming of the video. Other aspects of post-production include sound editing and mixing, visual effects, and soundtrack creation, etc… The editor’s role here is to join together the various shots into scenes, and the scenes into a finished final video. Usually, an editor work with the director to realize their vision for the film, in your case, it’s your vision.

You can read below about some of our video editing program recommendations or you can contact us if you need help with video editing!

Before digital editing, the editor would literally cut up the video and piece it back together with tape and glue, creating rolls of film. Gladly, you won’t have to do that!

Editing requires that you know the technical side but also the storytelling side. Yes, you need to do some learning before you start so your video flows smoothly and attract your audience, you want to grab your audience from the first shot. Editing also requires a very good computer so the software doesn’t crash or to keep it compatible with the latest software update.

In order to save your cost and time, you can employ the services, skills and expertise of student freelancers who are great at video production of different types. You can reach out to different universities and colleges around you, post an ad on craigslist or simply hire someone from the websites available to hire talents, just know who you are hiring and check their work beforehand.

If you really want to edit the video yourself, keep in mind that an editing software is usually not cheap and requires some time and practice to learn. Some softwares are not expensive and easier to use such as the